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SIMATIC C7 Compact Control System
- PLC and Operator Panel in a single unit

Want to implement a complete machine control with operator panel in a single device?
The SIMATIC C7 compact control systems have been optimized precisely for such applications and combine a controller from the S7-300 family with integral inputs/outputs and a SIMATIC Panel in a single device. This makes it possible to implement complete, yet still expandable, machine controls in the smallest possible space and at low cost (hardware and engineering outlay).

Devices of the SIMATIC C7 product family

The controller section comprises a CPU, I/O and interface for expanding the I/O; a line-oriented or pixel-graphics OP is used as the operator panel, depending on the type.

As a compact control system PLC and OP (operator panel) in a single unit - SIMATIC C7 offers the following decisive benefits:

  • Space savings: the compact design reduces the installation space required direct at the machine.

  • Time savings: the turnkey complete solution reduces the engineering overhead for design, installation and wiring, for example.

  • Cost savings: purchase costs are up to 20% lower than those for a comparable modular solution the control cabinet can frequently be smaller or can be dispensed with entirely, or the C7 unit is integrated direct into the operator panel.

  • Flexibility: thanks to easy expandability with all S7-300 modules, the C7 devices are open to extensive and demanding automation solutions.

  • System integration: as a component part of Totally Integrated Automation, SIMATIC C7 is optimally integrated into the Siemens automation environment.

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