Cheng Du Airport Automated Refuse Collection System

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    Cheng Du Shuang Liu International Airport is seated in the central section of Shuanxi Plain and is 16km southwest to the center of Cheng Du City. The Automated Refuse Collection System makes use of powerful fans to pull out the refuses from catering building to a cyclone. After being compacted by a compactor, the refuses will be collected in a container. Finally, the refuses will be carried away by trucks. The entire process is performed automatically in this system. The staffs only need to put the refuses into pipe of each tower through a hopper door. This system consists of a set of computer and two main panels. The computer is used to monitor the system operation, to set parameters and to monitor faults. The two main panels are made up of colour light bulbs for indicating the status in the system.

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Fan Room

Cyclone Refuse Segregator


System Structure

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