Hong Kong Polytechnic University Student Project 2005
—Pharmaceutical Packaging Production Line

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   The project aimed at applying and integrating Siemens Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Machine Vision, Industrial Communication Network (including wireless communication) and Controllers into a pharmaceutical production line in an innovative way. It simulated the production processes in a pharmaceutical factory. The medicine is pumped into the dispensing system and in turn is dispensed into clean empty bottles to a preset level. The bottles will pass the quality control process by machine vision system. Product information such as the date of manufacture, expiry date, volume and ingredients were input in the labels which are the tags of RFID system. All this information can be retrieved at a later stage of the production/supply chain which enables the tracking of the information on each batch of medicine.

Control Unit

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Pharmaceutical Production Line

Relating Report From Siemens Hongkong

Relating Report From Hong Kong Polytechnic University

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